Comfone is a roaming services provider and Roamability´s pillar partner, providing the RA ecosystem.

Key2roam Platform – the world´s most diverse and reliable complete roaming solution. 

Its service offering, unique to the global roaming market, encompasses signaling, data and financial clearing, hubbing, GRX, IPX backbone and roaming management services, all of which are provided through the Key2roam Platform, a true one stop roaming shop.

Headquarters in Bern, Switzerland and regional offices covering Europe, Latin America, North America and Central Asia, Comfone is well positioned to serve a global customer base of 500+ customers in 200+ countries.
Oasis is a subscriber acquisition and activation expert, providing card products and mobile solutions and services for the whole SIM lifecycle.

Combining cutting edge technology and expertise on operating system, digital security and subscriber acquisition, Oasis aims at providing the best and most adapted mobile services through the support of a team of local experts with complete knowledge of the environment and mobile ecosystem. Oasis is strongly committed to meet the customer requirements in order to deliver tailor made products and roaming solutions. Oasis´ experts ensure this promise of excellence by staying in complete adherence to their values, responsiveness, flexibility and quality control