About Roamability

Roamability was established to realize the vision of affordable, trouble-free global roaming services for everyone who travels – whether for business or pleasure, in urban centers or remote corners of the world, regardless of equipment or network compatibilities.

Since 2009, Roamability has offered this vision, in the form of a comprehensive, high-quality, global roaming solution, to MNOs / MVNOs of all sizes with core network infrastructure. Through its pre-negotiated contracts, the company partners with high-profile operators and sponsors covering more than 700 networks and 195+ countries. Leveraging this global network, Roamability in-turn enables operators – regardless of their size – the ability to provide competitive global roaming packages to their customers.

Simplicity is Roamability´s north star. Its multi-IMSI technology provides international coverage with a smooth, seamless transition between networks. After operators´ initial set-up, subscribers can download a smart, light applet over the air to most existing SIM cards for effortless installation. 

Roamability has done the work for you. All you have to do is provide your customers the ability to roam when they travel – with Roamability.

Roamability offers a low cost and seamless roaming solution for MVNO´s and Carrier´s worldwide.
Our Dynamic multi-IMSI (DMI) platform technology provides international coverage with a smooth and seamless transition between all type of networks (2G, 3G, 4G).

In addition, Roamability provides international roaming rates at a lower cost by partnering with high profile sponsors. Integration is fast and simple.

With the combination of advanced technology and low rates, Roamability is the perfect solution for your roaming needs.
So get your customers roaming with Roamability.